About Us

The watch brand that reveals your personality

Produced in Switzerland  from  glass made in Murano , Italy , we are proud to present YUNIK. The brand represents a rare opportunity to shake up the conventions of fashion and to revive Murano glass, a material very popular since the 13th-century produced in Venice, the city of lovers. Like their wearers, YUNIK  timepieces are unusual and unique.  Eye-catching and beautiful.

An inimitable watch, like you.

Each Yunik watch is as unique as the person wearing it. Hand-made in Murano glass, the case is adorned with different colours and patterns each time. It contains an ultra-precise quartz or mechanical Swiss Made movement, a true demonstration of Swiss watchmaking know-how.

YUNIK – one of a kind

A brand with a modern ethos in tune with today’s generations. Its aim is to be as close to its customers as possible. Through our trend studies we aim to appeal to your tastes with products as unusual and unique as they are. Our extremely varied selection intends to express the personality of every individual.